Dustin Mauck Makes Cybersecurity Presentation at Legal Incubator Program

On Monday, September 16, 2019, Dustin Mauck of RegitzMauck made a cybersecurity presentation at the “Entrepreneurs in Community Lawyering Boot Camp.” The two day event was designed to help a small group of new lawyers through their first year of launching a financially sustainable solo or small firm practice that includes helping clientele of modest means (e.g., teachers, waitstaff, nurses). The Dallas Bar Association program is the first legal incubator program of its kind in Dallas.

Dustin’s presentation, entitled “Cybersecurity for Lawyers,” provided an overview of the cyber threats facing businesses and law firms (e.g., ransomware, social engineering, business e-mail compromise) and identified cybersecurity and privacy issues that the attendees should think through as they begin their practice.

In the presentation, Dustin recognized the limited resources these new lawyers were likely to have as they started their practice, but emphasized that law firms have become prime (and sometimes soft) targets for cyber criminals. Dustin stressed that being aware of the nature and extent of the cyber threats in the current environment was an important starting point for the lawyers as they moved forward in the program.

RegitzMauck PLLC is an intellectual property boutique based in Dallas, Texas. The firm focuses on providing value-based legal services to cost-conscious clients seeking high quality legal representation in intellectual property, cybersecurity, and data privacy matters and disputes.

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